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  • Catalogue Essay

    Marigold executed his first chess board while on a two month winter residency at NKD in Norway this past winter. It was during this time that the artist began work on Man-Made, a series whereby each piece of furniture is cut from a single piece of wood. Marigold crafted L-profiles commonly fabricated in sheet metal or extruded steel rather than the tiber Marigold worked with, in an effort to maintain structure while obtaining as much useful material as possible. The work is intended as a commentary on man’s ability to actively transform the natural world rather than be passively guided by it. The residency’s remote location was predeposed to huge snow drifts forcing Marigold to be extremely economical in his use of material. Marigold in fact used a single pencil and piece of sandpaper throughout his his stay at NKD and in some cases bent used nails back to straight in order to reuse them.Chess continues the narrative and economics of his work at NKD. Each piece is cut from a single branch of wood, swiftly cut, and colored to resemble the abstract pieces of a chess set. The boards are constructed of ply with penciled grids and wax finish. All hand hewn by Marigold and each set unique.



Single branch, plywood, graphite
Dimensions vary

Park Ave Shop

7 March
New York