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  • Catalogue Essay

    A prism within a prism within a prism........ A prism with a prismatic void. “Prisms” are objects void of function, at least one specific function, yet can be used for all sorts of purposes depending on one’s imagination and how they are arranged - paperweight, pattern-maker, pen-pot or desk-tidy, jewellery, weapon, toy, mathematical game, polygon template, trivet or coaster, viewfinder, doorstop, weights................ Each prism is laser cut from 10mm mild steel, unfinished. The largest square is 10cm x 10cm, so when ten are stacked on top of one another they form a perfect 10cm cube. Lamb’s Prisms project was created for the Objects with a Void exhibition during this year’s London Design Festival. The show, curated by Tetsuo Mukai and Bernadette Deddens (Study O Portable), examined new ways of recognising the role of voids in objects.



Laser Cut Steel
10 x 10 x 1 cm

Park Ave Shop

7 March
New York