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  • Oriana Sabrier, co-founder of Margaret, tells how she had seen a pair of beautiful antique wing-shaped brooches in a Geneva auction, and instantly felt the emotion and meaning of the motif.


    She tried the brooches against her ear to see if they would work as earrings, and decided to re-create the wing as a poetic yet wearable wing-shaped earring, to climb up the ear and frame the face. 


    It is the deep symbolism of the wing that appeals to the Margaret founders, for whom sentiment and storytelling are driving forces.


    The wing – a symbol across cultures and civilisations – is a sign of the divine; it alludes to freedom, birds, elevation and enlightenment; and in Margaret’s hands, superbly crafted in the antique style, set in silver and backed in red gold, it floats through time and space, to become a new contemporary classic.

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      Oriana Sabrier and Candice Ophir, founders of Margaret, a Geneva-based jewellery brand, grew up together, like sisters.  Oriana was immersed in the jewellery world, training first with antique jewellery dealers, next at Christie’s and then at Cartier, where Micheline Kanoui, creative director, became her mentor. Finally, she learnt about diamonds, working at William Goldberg, New York where she designed jewellery. Candice’s experience was in marketing and publishing. In 2006, they decided to join forces and talents, to create a private, bespoke modern jeweller, offering an intensely personal experience. The name Margaret, inspired by Princess Margaret, and her majestic yet modern style, was chosen to give their intimate salon privé a warm and welcoming, personal identity. Their contemporary jewellery is infused with a sense of history and heritage, sentiment and storytelling as if unlocked from a treasured noble family jewel box. All the jewellery is hand-crafted in the antique tradition, in Geneva workshops.

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"Angel Wings" Earrings with Pink Spinels and Diamonds set in 18k White Gold

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