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  • Literature

    Including; I. Prestigeants, 1. Alton, 2. Olo, 3. Stong, II. Sensationizers, 4.Ksushna, 5. Zig-Gims, 6. Zig-Gims 420, 7. Khaasha, 8. Model Khaasha-703, III. Clotheables, 9. Iy-Ediy, 10. Pira-Ediy, 11. Dress for the "Proud Solitude" Dance, 12. Spirit, IV. Cultivatents, 13. Kashpo - Telozemlyatsvetok, V. Defendibles, 14. Tirsak, VI. Auto-Probes, 15. Dikliotik, 16. Charog - 15, 17. Udam, 18. Khudam, 19. Tyairp, 20.Ovyorly, VII. Communicizers, 21. Pekuliya, 22. Korchuga, 23. Udam-12, VIII. Energy-Loss Abaters, 24. Electro-Pliss, 25. Electro-Pliss Model YE-2, IX. Furniture To Wear, 26. Booft, 27. Kniliya, 28. Laledosius, X. Floorists, 29. Small Sterdak, 30. Large Sterdak, 31. Kyurgol - 16, 32. Dylo - 2, 33. Dylo - 2 (Supporting Part), 34. Oveltuy, 35. Small Dungan, 36. Boldalyon.

  • Catalogue Essay

    The Socialization of the Modern World is a reality.
    It is propelling the relentless unification of the material and the spiritual. The wild utopias of Marx and Corbusier, of the surrealists and socialists, have materialized.
    The art and ideology of secret socialist clans demand the unity of mankind -- that the shining future of the world be shared by all. They have destroyed the wise and well-ordered social hierarchy of social life that emerged from the depths of Mediterranean civilization, returning the world to a primitive level of of life.
    Articles of everyday European life have been transformed from instruments of elitist self-affirmation, the property of the ruling class, into the common possessions of the plebians.
    By trying to be like everyone else, the ruling class has obliterated the elite and the intellectual divide between it and the masses. The result is the mindless, semi-literate, economic and cultural policy of the governments of Europe. Contempt for ancestral traditions coupled with appeasement of every form of modernism has undermined the foundations of this world and will lead to its total destruction.
    The task today is to create a NEW ARISTOCRACY in place of the old one which has destroyed the legacy of our ancestors. This NEW ARISTOCRACY must, for itself and by itself, devise a new language, traditions and culture which will be incomprehensible and alien to the masses.
    The catalogue being offered to you is of "Objects", developed by the Celebrated Artists of the End of the Second Millenium A.D., Moscow.
    These are "Objects" which correspond to the principles of Ideological Design; "Objects" invested with New-Traditionalistic functions; "Objects" of SUPERCOMFORT intended for the Ruling Elite and called upon to divide society into those who use these "Objects" and all the rest.
    Price is no obstacle. Efforts to correct the existing social situation are essential. They will, we hope, lead to a new Renaissance of Mediterranean culture and, beyond, to the restoration of the Ideals and Principles of Alexander of Macedonia.


Superobjects-Supercomfort for Superpeople portfolio

The complete set of thirty-six color photographs with interleaving text pages, on Kodak photo paper, with full margins, loose,
11 x 9 in. (27.9 x 22.9 cm)
all signed and numbered 23/100 in ink by the publisher and bears the artists inkstamp on stickers adhered to the reverse (as issued, there was also an unrecorded number of artists proofs), published by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc., New York, all in very good condition, contained in original gray box. 

$8,000 - 12,000 

Sold for $6,250

Modern & Contemporary Editions

21 Nov 2010
New York