Jenny Holzer - Contemporary Art Part II New York Tuesday, November 8, 2011 | Phillips

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  • Provenance

    Sprüeth Magers Gallery, Berlin-London

  • Exhibited

    Turino, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Bidibidobidiboo, 2005
    Rome, MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art Rome), Preview, 2010
    Aosta, Centro Saint-Benin, Il Coraggio, 2010

  • Literature

    Bidibidobidiboo, Torino, 2005, pp. 102-103, 369, 415 (illustrated)
    I. Bonacossa, Il Coraggio, Aosta, 2010, pp. 48-49 (illustrated)

  • Catalogue Essay

    e un modo onesto di vivere / lasciati andare ad una storia d'amore e lascia che i frammenti cadano a caso / le buone azioni prima poi sono ricompensate / le cose piu profonde sono inesprimibili / le madri non dovrebbero fare troppi sacrifici / le parole tendono ad essere inadeguate / le paure ataviche sono le peggiori / le persone che impazziscono sono troppo sensibili / le persone che non lavorano con le proprie mani sono dei parassiti / le persone eccezionali meritano concessioni speciali / le reazioni emotive hanno lo stesso valore di quelle intellettuali / le tue azioni sono inutili se nessuno le nota / lo spontaneità è l'unica speranza / mangiare troppo è da criminali / molte decisioni furono prese prima che tu nascessi / molti professionisti sono degli svitati / morire di fame è un fenomeno naturale / morire dovrebbe essere facile come cadere da un tronco / morire e risorgere offre un miglior punto di vista / morire per amore è bello ma stupido / nascondere le proprie motivazioni è spregevole / niente rompe l'equilibrio tra il bene ed il male / non avere bambini è un regalo fatto al mondo / non basta desiderare la scomparsa di una cosa perchè ciò avvenga / non c'è niente che redime nel duro lavoro / non c'è niente se non ciò che percepisci / non gestire la vita degli altri / non ha senso stare da nessuna parte se non in cima al mucchio / non puoi ingannare gli altri se stai ingannando te stesso / non puoi mai sorpassare te stesso / non puoi pretendere che la gente sia ciò che non è / non sai come stanno le cose finchè non ti mantieni da solo / non sai mai ciò che la gente pensa veramente di te / non ti fidare troppo degli esperti / non va bene aver troppe certezze / non va bene vivere a credito / I am a man / I enter space because it empties me / I chase people around the house / I sleep on my back for sights of sex that makes blood / I protect what multiplies but I am not certain that I love my boy / there is pleasure in stopping my flesh when it does wrong / getting what I want makes me sick / why I fight is not your business / I like dying and I am sure I can do it wore than once / I need perfection but when I implement it half of everyone dies / I have a lot of accidents and I think they are funny / I employ people to make my hours like dreams / I like a circle of bodies whose hands do what they should / I will kill you for what you might do / no record of joy can be like the juice that jumps through your skull when you are perfect in sex / you position your spine until it waves / your hands run to spots that feel different / breathing tells the person what to do / you try to stop because that is the fun / then you snoueze and become unconscious near whonever / that is the dangerous thing in the world at the end you do not want / you carry this sensation to the cruel places you go / with only my mind to protect me I go into days / what I fear is in a box with fur to muffle it / every day I do nothing important becouse I am scared blank and lazy but then the men come / I put my mouth on then / I spit and write with the wet / the net says what must stop and what shall begin / I spit beacause the death smell is too close to me / the stink makes hords tell the truth about who kills and who is the victim / death is the modern issue / I think because my brain does it / I want bad ideas to stay in the mind to make pleasure mithout harw / a clear thought must come to stop the men and make the audience laugh until their insides bubbe / the new disease came / I learn that time does not heal / everything gets horse with days / I have spots like a dog / I cough and cannot turn my head / I consider sleeping with people I do not like / I need to lie back to front with someone who adore me / I will think wore before I cannot / I love my mind when it is fucking the cracke of events / I want to tell you what I know in case it is of use / I want to go the tuture please / if the process starts I will kill this baby a good way / she can lie on my familiar belly / our backs will be in line and then indistinguishable / I will take her down before she feels the fear that is cause and result / there is no one's skin under me fingernails / there is no one to watch my hair grown / no one looks at me when I walk / people want me to pay money for each thing I get / I have every kind of thought and that is no embarrassment / I look at myself when i bhathe / what I give to all the people who do not whant to live with me is arithmetic / I count infants and predict their days / I subtrac people killed for one reason or another / I guess the new reasons and project their efficacy / I decorate my numbers and circulate them / destroy superabumdance / starve the flesh / shave the hair / expose the bone / clarify the mind / define the will / restrain the senses / leave the family / flee the church / kill the vermin / vomit the heart / forget the dead / limit time / forgot amusement / deny nature / reject acquaintances / discard objects / forget truths / dissect myth / stop motion / block impulse / choke sobs / smallow chatter / scorn joy / scorn touch / scorn tragedy / scorn liberty / scorn constancy / scorn hope / scorn exaltation / scorn reproduction / scorn variety / scorn embellishment / scorn release / scorn rest / scorn sheetness / scorn the light / it is a question of form and function / it is a matter of revulsion / with bleeding inside the head there is a metallic taste at the back of the thrdat / hands-on socialization promotes happy interpersonal relations / the desire for and the dependence upon fondling ensure repeated attempts to obtain caresses and the willingness to reciprocate / it's an odd feeling when tou trigger instinctive behavior-like nursing-in someone / it's funny to be in his presence while a different part of the nervous system takes over and his eyes get strange / it can be helpful to think of them eating their favorite foods....

  • Artist Biography

    Jenny Holzer

    American • 1950

    Jenny Holzer is a Conceptual artist best known for her text-based public art projects. Holzer's work speaks of violence, oppression, sexuality, feminism, power, war and death. Throughout the years, Holzer has employed a variety of media, from a T-shirt to a plaque to an LED sign. Starting in the 1970s with the New York City posters, and continuing through her recent light projections on landscape and architecture, she uses her art as a form of communication and commentary. Holzer's art hangs in important collections around the globe including 7 World Trade Center, the Venice Biennale, the Guggenheim Museums in New York and Bilbao and the Whitney Museum of American Art. 

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Electronic LED signboard, three color diodes.
9 1/2 x 176 x 4 1/2 in. (24.1 x 447 x 11.4 cm)

$120,000 - 180,000 

Sold for $134,500

Contemporary Art Part II

8 November 2011
New York