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  • "Neon represents the colour of our generation. Its vibrancy is something that no other colour spectra could ever rival: it carries with it a unique sense of import, like an outburst of living energy after a long period of repression.” 
    — Huang Yuxing 


    Painted in 2006, Floating Bubbles is a mesmerising work by Huang Yuxing, one of the most acclaimed Chinese painters working today. Rendered in electrifying shades of neon with each hue competing for the spotlight, a shimmering mirage of balloon-shaped forms appear to float en masse above a hypnotic swirling river behind. As a unique combination of the artist’s iconic River and Bubbles series, Floating Bubbles embodies Huang’s reflections on time, life, and matter, blurring the boundaries between the real and fantastical to draw viewers into a utopia where a kaleidoscope of ideas and expressions fuse. 



    Huang Yuxing in his studio, 2016


    A Meditative Experience  


    Born in Beijing in 1975, Huang quickly made a name for himself in the art scene after graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts’ Mural Painting Department in 2000. Unlike many of his contemporaries whose art expressed their disillusionment of having grown up within the context of drastic economic reforms and rapid urbanisation, Huang’s visual language is instead concerned with capturing the inner tension between ‘the eternal cycles of time’ and ‘complexity of human nature’i. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, his vibrant canvases distort reality through reconstructing the world around him. As the familiar becomes the uncanny, and that which is known becomes foreign, this lack of verisimilitude directs the viewer’s attention toward the symbolism and metaphors intermixed amongst the layers of explosive fluorescence.



    “It is the physical manifestation that represents the definition of time” 
    — Huang Yuxing