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  • This ring is part of “White Heat”, a capsule collection of seven diamond-set rings.


    Here Hannah Martin wanted to question her own relationship with diamonds and also challenge the broader perceptions and preconceptions of the classic diamond ring.  She had always felt uncomfortable with the idea of the ring as a vehicle for a valuable gemstone. 


    She wanted to design rings in which diamonds were integral to the concept and design, as here where they become an essential part of the architecture, surrounding and protecting the glimpse of flesh.


    The Ring of Fire highlights the strength of the diamond, but also the emotions that are inextricably entwined in its story, the emotions the diamond arouses, so that the ring becomes a physical embodiment of the fire and passion within diamonds, ‘a burning emblem’ on the finger.


    The name is important too: The Ring of Fire is an area around the rim of the Pacific Ocean, the location of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, a reference to the geological events that gave birth to diamonds. 


    As music is important to Martin, it is also the name of a song written by Johnny Cash, about falling violently in love, underlining the age-old symbolism of the diamond.

    • Artist Biography

      Hannah Martin

      British • 1980

      London-based Hannah Martin launched her brand, Hannah Martin London, in 2006. Since graduating from Central St. Martins, and training at the bench in Cartier’s workshops, she has developed her signature heavy metal, rock n’ roll style, translated through meticulous craftsmanship and fine materials.  This powerful contemporary edge has brought her to the attention of heritage brands, including Chaumet and Louis Vuitton, for whom she has created fine and High Jewellery collections. Way ahead of her time, Hannah has always focused on androgyny, jewels for men that women want to wear.  She is known for her limited edition sculptural, monumental gold bangles, for powerful jewels, expressing counter-culture, the punk movement, gender fluidity: Rebel Rocks.

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"Ring of Fire" Ring with Diamonds and 18k White Gold

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$16,800 USD