Gordon Baldwin - Design London Tuesday, April 27, 2010 | Phillips
  • Catalogue Essay

    There is a kinetic as well as a Surrealist element in this piece. The black painted shadows of the pillars, immutable, are absurd, proclaiming that the sun shines in two opposite directions and never moves, but the pillars cast real shadows that move constantly – a kind of crazy sundial creating symbols in a desertt. Change the alignment of the piece, and a new dance begins. The soft surface is delicately patterned, like an expanse of white sand –‘the lone and level sand stretched far away…’ (Shelley) – and the edge, with its crumpled layers, has the appearance of some old ledger, or geological strata.  The piece is made of slabbed stoneware, the surface worked with a Surform: applied aluminium strip.


'Shadow Piece'

Stoneware, white slip, glaze, applied aluminium strip.
46 cm. (18 1/8 in.) wide

£1,600 - 2,400 


28 April 2010