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  • Catalogue Essay

    Gareth Neal established his design practice in 2002 in the creative hub of East London. Neal specialises in the production of unique pieces, developed exclusively for individual clients and companies. His practice combines the technical modes of 3D computer drawing and CNC processes, with the intricacy of professional craftsmanship.Neal graduated from Buckinghamshire University in 1996 with a BA Honours in Furniture Design and Craftsmanship. His work has received critical acclaim and has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions, both in the UK and internationally. Neal’s selected exhibitions include Telling Tales at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and The Unexpected at Sotheby’s, New York.
    Inspired by 18th-century Georgian furniture, Gareth Neal embraces new technologies to complement his traditional hand skills. Neal makes a series of even slices into the surface of the wood using a computer-controlled saw. He then selectively carves into the sliced block, giving the appearance of a modern relic.Work from the Traditionally Worn series was included in the 2009 Telling Tales exhibition at the V&A Museum, London.


Traditionally Worn Vessels

CNC milled and carved walnut

Park Ave Shop

7 March
New York