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  • Provenance

    Acquired directly from the artist

  • Catalogue Essay

    "A female face with the irises located at the extremities can almost be regarded as a trademark of Feng Zhengjie’s paintings. We feel, of course, something strange when facing these paintings: we can’t understand what she is looking at, or what she is thinking. We say, in Japanese, that 'the eyes tell more than the mouth' which means that the expression of the eyes is decisive. The artist, first hid their eyes’ expression by using sunglasses, then he found that he could do it, more effectively, by locating the irises at the extremity of the eyes. This is a discovery and a surprise. Moreover, this solution gives us a bizarre impression as if the girls have no eyes, although their eyes are actually depicted.
    On the other hand, the lips are painted vivid rouge. The color seems even gaudy to some people. If you look at these lips closely, you will find that they are all individual with different shapes and expressions. They are all charming and attractive, more or less, appear from the gaudiness of the color.Their lips make a remarkable contrast with the dehumanized look in their eyes," (C. Shigeo, “These Girls Are Looking At? Feng Zhengjie’s Paintings,” Feng Zhengjie, Italy, 2004, pp.108-109).


Chinese Portrait L Series 2006 No.10

Oil on canvas.
82 3/4 x 118 in. (210 x 300 cm).

Signed and dated “Feng Zhengjie [in Chinese and English] 2006” lower left.

$70,000 - 90,000 

Sold for $128,500

Contemporary Art Part I

14 May 2009, 7pm
New York