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  • “My work is an ongoing dialogue between the past and the present, traditional artistry and technology.”
    —Emily Xie  

    Emily Xie (b. 1989) is based in New York City and a visionary in the realm of generative digital art, renowned for her ability to blend algorithmic textural complexities and cultural aesthetics. Her work, celebrated for its intricate patterns and vibrant colors, draws inspiration from physical media such as textiles, collage, and wallpaper, reimagined within a digital context. This synthesis of lifelike textures and forms of algorithmic precision reflects Xie's interest in the convergence of disparate materials and personal histories weaving together unified visuals rich in narrative and depth. 


    In her creative process, Xie employs programming languages like JavaScript and Python, alongside frameworks like p5.js and Processing, to design algorithms that generate art. These algorithms navigate delicate balances – chance versus control, the organic versus the systematic, and the abstract versus the representational. By integrating randomness and various mathematical methods, her works acquire an organic unpredictability, making each piece a unique exploration of the dance between code and canvas. 


    Xie's creations are more than visually stunning; they are narratives brought to life through generative systems. Her work has gained international acclaim, with exhibitions at prestigious venues such as the  Kunsthalle Zurich in DYOR, curated by Nina Roehrs, and in New York's Armory Show with Assemblage, exhibited by Cortesi Gallery. In 2023 her works have been exhibited in Singapore's ArtScience Museum for Notes from the Ether, curated by Clara Peh and Deborah Lim, and at Glitch Gallery in Marfa, Texas, for Every 30 Days in November. 


    A visionary, Emily Xie inspires artists and technologists alike to view coding as a medium for creative exploration. Crescent Blue presents the exclusive chance to acquire a piece by Xie, representing a harmonious fusion of algorithmic ingenuity and artistic insight, embodying the limitless potential of computational art. 


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      Minted by the Artist


Crescent Blue

PNG: 7200 x 4800 pixels
digital collage, generative papers with Javascript, computational methods
Minted on 4 December 2023, this work is unique.

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HK$150,000 - 200,000 




Digital Art Fair X Phillips: Online Auction, Hong Kong