David Ariew - Digital Art Fair X Phillips: Online Auction, Hong Kong Hong Kong Wednesday, December 6, 2023 | Phillips
  • Please note that the buyer of this NFT Lot will receive full commercial rights to the artwork and will have the option to receive from the artist the creation of a custom, site-specific version of the Immersion Room, which will be considered upon request and coordination with the artist (the “Immersion Room Companion”). Four high quality digital files (one for each wall of the Immersion Room) will be sent directly to the buyer from the artist.

    “Step into the Quantum Stargate, a celestial voyage between realms. Within this immersion chamber, you are cradled by golden luminescence, transported through ethereal portals of serenity. This is a haven where the boundaries of reality blur, inviting souls to drift amidst infinite planes of divine light. Dare to transcend, for here lies a bridge between worlds unknown.”
    —David Ariew

    The monumental Quantum Stargate work represents the culmination of a style that David Ariew has been pursuing since January 2021. An earlier version of the work debuted at the grand opening of Beeple Studios in Charleston, South Carolina in March 2023 to national acclaim. The work is part of the 'Quantum Transcendence' Drop that debuted on MakersPlace in conjunction with a presentation of the associated works at Digital Art Fair Asia - Hong Kong in October 2023.


    Information relating to the Immersion Room Companion

    Following Phillips’ receipt of the buyer’s payment for the Lot in full and cleared funds, Phillips will provide the buyer with the artist’s contact details, so that the buyer may contact the artist directly in writing to request the Immersion Room Companion. 

    Please note the following terms applicable to redemption of the Immersion Room Companion:

    • The Immersion Room Companion is separate from, and does not form part of the NFT Lot and is not being offered for sale by Phillips.
    • The Immersion Room Companion is not covered by Phillips’ Authorship Warranty and Phillips will not be in possession of, or responsible for the Immersion Room Companion in any way, including for any technical issues with, or loss or damage to, the Immersion Room Companion.
    • Phillips makes no representations or warranties about the Immersion Room Companion, its nature, condition, description, uniqueness, durability, functionality or availability, either now or in the future.
    • Arrangements for the transfer, availability and functionality of the Immersion Room Companion will be made directly between the artist and the buyer and Phillips will not be involved or responsible in any way.


    Further Information on NFTs


    In what currency will I be bidding? 

    The auction will be conducted and invoiced in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).


    What forms of payment are accepted?

    You can pay for this NFT Lot in HKD only.


    How much will I have to pay?

    If you are the successful bidder on an NFT Lot, you must pay the total purchase price for the Lot (calculated as described in the Conditions of Sale plus network and other fees required to transfer the NFT to your Digital Wallet as described in the Additional Conditions of Sale Applicable to NFT Lots). 


    Are resale royalties payable to the artist on re-sales of the NFT?

    If resale royalties are payable to the artist on subsequent resales of the NFT, this will be stipulated in the NFT Lot’s smart contract.  Where they exist, re-sale royalties will be a percentage of the re-sale price of the NFT. It is therefore important that you review (or seek professional help to review) and understand the operation of the NFT’s smart contract (including any rights and restrictions contained in the smart contract) before bidding.


    Depending on where the NFT Lot is re-sold, additional artist resale royalties and transaction duties may apply to the transaction under applicable law. These would be additional to and not in substitution for any resale royalties imposed by the NFT’s smart contract.


    • You are bidding for yourself and not on behalf of anyone else
    • You have a wallet capable of supporting and accepting the NFT token type listed in the NFT Lot description.



    • 來源

      Minted by the Artist

    • 過往展覽

      Hong Kong, Digital Art Fair Asia, Immersion Room, 19-23 October 2023.



Quantum Stargate

MP4: 1080 x 1920 pixels
Minted on 16 October 2023, this work is unique.

Full Cataloguing

HK$470,000 - 600,000