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  • This ring, from Cora Sheibani’s “Copper Mould” collection, is, says the designer, a more modern, more literal version of the iconic 1920s and 30s ‘tutti frutti’ jewel.


    “The gems do not simply look like fruit, they are supposed to be berries.”  And, she adds, even without the association to a berry tartlet, the shape of the stones inside a fluted metal surround is a pleasure to look at.

    • Artist Biography

      Cora Sheibani

      Swiss • 1980

      As the daughter of prominent Swiss art dealer, Bruno Bischofberger, Cora Sheibani grew up totally immersed in the world of modern and contemporary art and design, surrounded by art and artists.


      She graduated with a degree in Art History, from New York University in 2001, and it was around this time that she decided to design jewellery and began work on her first jewellery sketchbook. After completing the GIA degree course, in London, she launched her first jewellery collection at an exhibition in London’s Mayfair in December 2002.


      While Sheibani lives in London with her husband and three children, her jewellery is made almost exclusively made in Switzerland, France, and Germany, by highly skilled goldsmiths. From her first one-of-a-kind, individual pieces, Sheibani progressed to creating occasional themed collections, accompanied by small, beautifully produced books.  Ettore Sottsass, (one of her early supporters and influences) wrote the text in the book to launch her 2006 Valence collection of openwork wire jewels. The 2008 Copper Mould Collection, inspired by the graphic shapes of baked goods and copper moulds, came with a recipe book. Other collections include Clouds with a Silver Lining, Cacti, Colour & Contradiction, launched at Miami Design in 2016, and Glow, exploring neglected fluorescent gemstones. Cora Sheibani is currently working on a new collection called ‘Pottering Around’, which will launch in autumn 2021.

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"Mixed Berry Tartlet" Ring with Blue Sapphires and Red Spinels in 18k Rose Gold

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