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  • Catalogue Essay

    The serpent is an enduring motif in jewellery history, symbolising wisdom,
    life and eternity. Serpent necklaces in the form of ouroboros became a
    fashionable expression of eternal love during the nineteenth century. The
    symbol of the snake biting its own tail represents the concept of enduring
    love, and romantically, of something existing before any beginning with
    such force or qualities that it cannot be extinguished.
    The sinuous and graceful form of the snake also offers jewellers a
    compelling opportunity for the masterful expression of their craft, as
    demonstrated here by Codognato.


A diamond and coloured diamond serpent necklace, by A Codagnato

Designed as a serpent grasping its tail in its jaws, the long body articulated and
engraved as snake scales and decorated with a line of collect-set diamonds, the head
and tail pavé-set with diamonds and coloured diamonds to pear-shape diamond eyes,
length approximately 57 cm, c. 1960s, signed ‘A. Codagnato’.

£55,000 - 65,000 


7 June 2011