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  • Provenance

    Thomas Ammann Fine Art, Zurich

  • Exhibited

    Zurich, Thomas Ammann Fine Art, Albert Oehlen, January 21 - March 31, 2005

  • Catalogue Essay

    “Given my history, my political past, my environment, etc., I should be a political and conceptual artist. But I’m not. The longer artists work, the narrower their path usually becomes, and the more possibilities drop by the wayside. I’m no different—I reject things too, as I’ve said. But other artists build schemes out of their rejections, then use those schemes to systemize and justify their subsequent work. They talk about clarity: the more schematic their work becomes, the more clarity they think they’ve gained. I direct this moment of clarity, this subtotal of decisions and rejections, toward the point I call ‘autonomy’, though you could also call it ‘negation’ or ‘negativity’. (Albert Oehlen as quoted in D. Diederischen, “The Rules of the Game”, Artforum, November, 1994, p. 71)

  • Artist Biography

    Albert Oehlen

    Albert Oehlen is a German contemporary artist whose work explores the capabilities and failures of painting in the age of postmodernism. His deconstructed artworks reduce painting to a discordant mixture of its constituent elements—color, gesture, motion, and duration—and celebrate the resulting disharmony as an artistic expedition to the frontiers of the abilities of painting. Oehlen began his career in the art scenes of Cologne and Berlin, becoming associated with the Junge Wilde artists who sought to create works that defied classification and disrupted the artistic status quo. He has carried this sense of rebelliousness into his mature career with works that incorporate digital technologies as well as more traditional media. Oehlen’s paintings are marked by inherent, gleeful contradictions, always wielded with a cavalier confidence in the artist’s prowess – his uncooperative fusions of abstraction and figuration, for example, expose the inefficiencies of each art mode and explore the function of painting as much as its meaning.

    Oehlen has attracted critical praise befitting the innovative nature of his work, and he has been the subject of several major exhibitions at institutions such as the Mumok, Vienna and the New Museum, New York. He lives and works between Bühler, Switzerland.

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Oil on canvas.
78 3/4 x 78 3/4 in. (200 x 200 cm).
Signed and dated "A. Oehlen 93" on the reverse.

$180,000 - 220,000 

Sold for $273,600

Contemporary Art Part I

16 Nov 2006, 7pm
New York