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  • Catalogue Essay

    Adrian Rubi-Dentzel is a Californian designer and craftsman who lives and works in Paris, France.
    Coming from a long line of carousel builders and raised in an atmosphere of craftsmanship, hand fabrication is an essential part of his design process.
    In handling, cutting, and forming a material, he finds the best way to draw out its attributes.
    Though he prefers natural, sustainable, and reclaimed materials, Rubi-Dentzel is drawn to the possibilities of resins, fiberglass, plastics, concrete and composites.
    He currently designs, prototypes, and fabricates his pieces at UFACTO in Paris where he also works under master craftsman David Toppani.
    The product of nostalgic futurism and California lore, the Glass Slipper is a crystal clear, glowing skateboard.
    During the day, watch the prism-flecked sidewalk pass beneath you.
    At night, glide down the street on an illuminated crystal slab, appearing to glide through the air like a hovercraft attached to your feet.The board’s form is an homageto the Stubbie boards designed in the 60’s by the legendary George Greenough, creator of the modern surfboard fin.Each Glass Slipper is hand-shaped out of a single piece of clear polycarbonate by Rubi-Dentzel at UFACTO facilities in Paris, France. The bezeled edge enhances the prismatic effect on the light cast through the board. Features Solitary Arts Moonlights light-up risers, Black Eggs wheels, and Steely Shieldless bearings, with “22” trucks by Ace.


Glass Slipper

Polycarbonate, LEDs, metal, polyurethane
71 x 20 cm
Each board is hand numbered by the artist

Park Ave Shop

7 March
New York