An Important Fancy Intense Diamond

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    • A round brilliant fancy intense blue diamond, 1.17 carats

  • GIA Report: Fancy Intense Blue Color, VS2 Clarity

  • Catalogue Essay

    Natural blue diamonds are among the scarcest of diamonds and are predominantly found in the Cullinan Mine in South Africa. Geologists hypothesize that these gems formed within oceanic rocks. They most likely originated in the ocean floor over a billion years ago but were forced deeper into the Earth’s mantle through a process of subduction. As a result, blue diamond’s come from deeper within the Earth than other colored diamonds. It is believed that the color is derived from trace amounts of boron impurities that existed within the ocean, absorbing red light to create this hue. Due to the boron content, a blue diamond can conduct electricity. The most famous blue diamond, the 45.52 carat Hope Diamond, was donated by Harry Winston to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958. Due to its rarity, these gems are highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts. This example offered in the sale is unusual for its round brilliant cut.


Property of an International Collector

An Important Fancy Intense Diamond

$600,000 - 800,000 

Contact Specialist
Susan Abeles
Head of Department, Americas and Senior International Specialist
New York
+1 212 940 1383


New York Auction 6 December 2018