A Rare Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

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    • One step-cut aquamarine, 61.95 carats

    • Brilliant-cut diamonds in the gallery and shoulders, totalling approximately 1.85 carats

    • Platinum

    • Size 6

  • (61.95-carat Aquamarine)
    SSEF report, numbered 103428, dated 8 November 2018, no indications of heating, 'Santa Maria type aquamarine'.

    附 瑞士 SSEF 證書

  • Catalogue Essay

    From intricately carved amulets to British Crown jewels, aquamarine is coveted for its fetching greenish-blue colour that is reminiscent of its name which translates to ‘water of the sea’ from Latin. This important member of the beryl family was first unearthed in the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil, and specimens from this region was praised for its saturated deep blue colour and ‘eye clean’ clarity which is highly unusual in beryl. In the trade, ‘Santa Maria’ now stands for a supreme colour in the finest aquamarines. Whilst the majority of aquamarines is heat-treated to obtain a bluish hue, this 61.95-carat stone has not undergone any heat treatment and amazes with its stunning and crisp blue colour. It is a true spectacle of nature. In addition to being an alluring blue gem, aquamarine is also the birthstone for March and the gemstone to mark the 19th anniversary.

  • Catalogue Essay

    無論是在雕工精緻的護身符,還是英國皇室的貴重珠寶上,都能找到海水藍寶石的蹤影,它清澈明亮的藍色帶有一點點綠,讓人馬上聯想到澄淨的海洋。可能因為此原因,其名字在拉丁文中也是「海中水」的意思。海水藍寶屬於柱石家族的一員,最早在巴西的Santa Maria de Itabira礦區被發現。當地所出產的海水藍寶顏色濃豔,晶體的淨度極高,在柱石類中十分罕見,所以「Santa Maria」在行內也成為了最頂級的海水藍寶之同義詞。雖然市場上許多海水藍寶都以藍色為主色,但其實絶大部份都需要經過加熱處理才能帶出藍色的色澤。這顆重逾60克拉的Santa Maria海水藍寶卻從未被加熱,然而色澤傲人,火光爍爍,絶對是大自然界難得的寶物。相信海水藍寶動人的色彩也是它當選三月生日石和十九年紀念寶石的重要原因。


A Rare Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

61.95克拉「Santa Maria」天然海水藍寶 配 鑽石戒指, 海水藍寶未經加熱處理

HK$320,000 - 400,000 

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Terry Chu
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Hong Kong Auction 27 May 2019