A Pair of Carved Jadeite Plaque, Ruby and Diamond Pendent Earrings, Karen Suen

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    • Two carved jadeite plaques, measuring approximately 37.63 x 13.55 x 2.21 and 36.90 x 13.52 x 2.19 mm respectively

    • Embellished by eight half moon-shaped rubies, totalling approximately 21.85 carats

    • Highlighted by brilliant-cut diamonds on both sides, together approximately 9.35 carats

    • 18 karat pink and white gold

  • (Two Carved Jadeites)
    Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory report, numbered KJ99911, dated 14 March 2019, Type A jadeites, natural colour without any resin.
    (Rubies, based on random-testing)
    GIA report, numbered 7328379533, dated 8 April 2019, no indications of heating.

    附 香港玉石鑑定中心證書 及 美國GIA證書

  • Catalogue Essay

    Often considered a traditional gemstone mounted on jewellery hidden away as family heirloom, jadeite comes to astonish fashionista as the next chic element in modern day jewels. The jadeite plaques on this pair of earrings are placed in strong contrast to rubies that are cut specifically to realize this design. Its geometry calls to mind a pagoda structure and Art Deco jewellery influenced by Orientalism. Whether it is the choice of materials or the design concept, this lot is where the old and new, East and West coincides in elevated harmony.
    This unique piece of jewel is comparable to collectible work of art, and the artist behind this is Karen Suen, one of the most promising jewellery designers from Hong Kong. Karen’s creations are exquisitely handcrafted and fascinate discerning clients worldwide with their originality and glamourous panache. She was recognized as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Designer in 2014 and received the Outstanding Greater China Designer Awards for her prowess as a high jewellery designer.

  • Catalogue Essay

    翡翠通常只會出現在傳家的珠寶上,但如果能加點巧思,在新穎的設計上運用這種寶石,反而能帶出意想不到的效果,此對耳環就是很好的例子。翡翠雕件和特別切割的半月形紅寶形成了強烈對比,整對耳環的幾何讓人聯想到佛教的寶塔,以及在Art Deco年代受東方文化影響的精彩珠寶作品;它無論是在材質或設計概念上,都見證了新舊共融、東西匯合的重要思想。
    風格如此獨特的一件珠寶應被視為藏家級的藝術品,而此件作品背後的藝術家名為Karen Suen,是當今重要的珠寶設計師新秀,來自香港。她每件設計都以全人手製作,概念創新,造型奢華但不帶半點造作,於世界各地備受客人讚譽。她於2014更當選為十大傑出設計師,並獲頒贈大中華區傑出設計師大獎,成就驕人,絶對是不容忽視的珠寶界新貴。


A Pair of Carved Jadeite Plaque, Ruby and Diamond Pendent Earrings, Karen Suen

天然翡翠雕「富貴自來」配 紅寶石及鑽石吊耳環一對, Karen Suen, 紅寶石未經加熱處理

HK$380,000 - 480,000 

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Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong Auction 27 May 2019