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Duke Fulco di Verdura was born into an aristocratic family in the late nineteenth century and quickly became a man with a vast imagination. Raised in a world of fairy tale-themed costume parties, Verdura conceptualized jewelry inspired by the animal aesthetics from his lavish childhood.

With a youthful, refreshing approach to jewelry making and an international sensibility, Verdura prospered in the interwar years and capitalized on the wealth of tourists who visited Venice and Palermo. He caught the attention of Cole Porter, who became a long-lasting patron and appreciated the value in Verdura's diamond, gold, and pearl accessories.


  • Verdura designed the iconic Maltese Cross Cuff for Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and continued to work for her as a precious stone jewelry designer.

  • For his debut in the U.S., Verdura worked with jeweler Paul Flato, thereby exploring a new aesthetic that included precious bowknots, embellished seashells and winged hearts.

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