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Tom Friedman

American  •  b. 1965


Tom Friedman is a multimedia artist working mainly in sculpture and works-on-paper. Interested in looking at the thin line between fantasy and autobiography, Friedman often creates works that push viewers into a complicit state of witnessing. His sculptures are composed of a multitude of objects, and he assembles them in such a way as to transform the mundane into an intricate work of art. He combines materials such as Styrofoam, foil, paper, clay, wire, hair and fuzz through a labor-intensive practice that seeks to tell a story, whether about himself or the world at large.

Friedman's approach to autobiography is not memoiristic. Rather, he takes the smallest moments of his life, like a piece of paper found on the street, and blows it out of proportion.


  • In Spring 2015, Friedman's large-scale sculpture, Looking Up, was acquired by The Contemporary Austin and permanently installed at their Laguna Gloria campus.

  • He is represented by Luhring Augustine, New York.

"What interests me is my inability to process everything that I am confronted with: the more closely I inspect something, the less clear it becomes."

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