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Katherine Bernhardt

American  •  b. 1975


Katherine Bernhardt, whether in her paintings or make-shift Moroccan rugs, is rapt by neons and geometries. The artist, who works in New York, takes an almost hasty-flick of a brushstroke that lands as a jagged architectural form — figures cut in space and in buzzing colors that leave a mental trace.

Seemingly each month, multiple galleries, museums or art fairs across the world exhibit Bernhardt's large-scale fantasies and rug-centric installations, as seen in 2017 at Art Basel and with a solo retrospective at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Fort Worth. "I think the best painters don't intellectualize their own art—they just make stuff," she says; but with sharks circling trash in the water in today's climate, as is depicted in Sharks, Toilet Paper and Plantains, it's not hard to see Bernhardt's deeper meanings. 


  • Phillips holds the world auction record for Bernhardt with Hawaiian Punch, 2014.

  • Bernhardt has close ties to Morocco, a defining spirit of her work that came from her husband in the rug trade. 

  • The artist has long been represented by CANADA, a Lower East Side gallery in New York that also represents Joe Bradley, among others.

"I think the best painters don't intellectualize their own art—they just make stuff."

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