Studio Renn


The Mumbai-based husband and wife duo, Roshni and Rahul Jhaveri, founded their design practice, Studio Renn, in 2018. It was born out of their drive for artistic self-expression, nurtured by years spent in the company of artists, by time spent in studios, galleries and museums. Rahul, who comes from a family of diamantaires, is a collector of contemporary art and design, and for him, each creation is a leap of faith, into the imagination and the unknown. An alumna of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Roshni oversees the design studio and forges partnerships and alliances, including their creative collaborations with the artist Prashant Salvi and the sculptor L N Tallur. The name Renn means rebirth, which indicates the Jhaveris’  guiding philosophy of re-examining ideas, objects, feelings, reworking traditional themes and techniques, and finding a  new artistic, conceptual expression for jewels and objects.  Their conceptual, sculptural collections, re-imagining naturalistic themes, include Orange Peel, Woodear, Puffball, Yellow Gilled while their latest work is an exploration of “The unsettling nature of incompleteness.”