Atelier Zobel


Established in 1968, the German jewellery design studio, Atelier Zobel has become a byword for highly individual, bold, conceptual and emotive jewelry. It was founded by cosmopolitan Morrocan-born, Pforzheim-trained master-craftsman, Michael Zobel, whose fundamental concept was the fusion of art and craft and the marriage of metals, gold and silver, with natural gemstones. Today, the atelier, based in Constance, Germany  is under the direction of his former apprentice, protégé and business partner Peter Schmidt. Nature provides the raw materials, and Peter crafts the dialogue between the natural crystalline structures of the gemstones and avant-garde art. It is this ornamental interplay and contrast, the integration of concept and material that give Atelier Zobel jewels their distinctive character. Schmidt’s metalwork transitions between platinum, gold and silver, all accenting a rainbow of precious gems or other intriguing natural treasures such as meteorites, fossils and baroque pearls.

Each design is first sketched by Peter. Patterns and structures may emerge from the cobblestone streets of his historic hometown of Constance, Germany, or from visions of the offbeat urban scenes he encounters on his global travels. The concept is then realized by fusing precious metals of contrasting colours. This process allows the metals to bond and creates a distinctive surface into which are set gemstones, sometimes raw, natural and crystalline, or with otherworldly inclusions,  resulting in a unique avant-garde wearable work of art.Peter sees himself as both a craftsman and an artist, whose creativity is not limited by scale, materials or traditional forms.

“Each piece I create is unique because each person is unique. My work has a bold personality. It’s colorful, intense, erotic. When I think of beauty, I think of sophistication. A sexy, confident woman, not afraid to provoke – that’s my muse. She’s complicated but worth it, like the jewelry we create.” The result is a unique collection of jewelry for people who strive to be distinctive and authentic.