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Yuichi Hirako


Yuichi Hirako (b. 1982) lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. His works focus on issues
related to the environment and “deep ecology”, which views all organisms as one
unified existence. His work continually invites viewers to reconsider their own
relationships with nature and the organisms that live among and around us.
Hirako’s practice encompasses painting and drawings, as well as sculpture,
installation, and sound performance.

Hirako received a BFA from Wimbledon College of Art in London. While he has a solo
exhibition Mount Mariana (2021) and a group exhibition Cygnus Loop (2019) at
Gallery Baton, his work has been featured in exhibition in Powerlong Museum
(2021), Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (2010), Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
(2013), Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (2010). His works are included in the
collections of Powerlong Museum in China, Lisser Art Museum, AkzoNovel Art
Foundation in Netherlands, Jean Pigozzi Collection in Switzerland.


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