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Lygia Clark

Brazilian  •  1920-1988


Lygia Clark was a Brazilian artist associated with the Constructivist and Tropicalia movements. During the 1950s she was primarily known for her paintings and sculptures, but during the 1960s and 1970s she began to explore the idea of sensory perception. Along with other Brazilian artists including Helio Oiticica, she co-founded the Neo-Concrete movement based on the principle that art should be subjective and organic, liable to manipulation by the spectator. She sought new ways to engage the viewer ('the participant') with her work, which became increasingly abstract and holistic. Clark's focus on healing and art therapy redefined the relationship between art and the public, and has become a seminal point of reference for contemporary artists addressing the limitations of conventional art forms.


  • In 2014, MoMA put on a major retrospective devoted to her work, 'Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948-1988'.

  • Her 1967 piece O eu e o tu demonstrates her fascination with human relationships: It consists of two rubber suits that prevent the wearers from seeing each other but conjoins them by means of an umbilical-like cord.

"We (must) unlearn the traditional dialogue of the artists/art with the spectator, in which the spectator is synonymous with the receptor."

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