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Edwin Smith

British  •  b. 1971


Edwin Smith is best known for his unique documentation of English architecture, gardens, landscapes and found objects.  His interest in photography began at a young age, when, sometime around 1927, he saved enough cornflake-packet coupons to acquire his first camera—a Kodak Brownie. He later attended Northern Polytechnic, Holloway, London, having won a scholarship to study architecture there, and afterwards was placed into London's Architectural Association, one of the most prestigious and progressive schools of architecture.


Then, in 1935, he became a freelance photographer, working briefly for British Vogue as a fashion photographer. Smith was also regularly commissioned by Marcus Brumwell's Stuart Advertising Agency, producing photographs for a diverse body of clientele including Imperial Airways. Indebted to his education, Smith's distinct eye for architecture lends a unique perspective to his photographs. 

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