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Patrick Lichfield

British  •  1939-2005


Formally known as Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield, Patrick Lichfield, as he was known professionally, was educated from the age of thirteen at Harrow—the same school attended by Henry Fox Talbot and Cecil Beaton. After serving a few years in the army, Lichfield started work as an assistant to studio photographers Dmitiri Kasterine and Michael Wallis. While employed to Kasterine and Wallis, he began to take professional photographs, initially focusing on families. Lichfield's unique perspective was given plenty of work shooting weddings, christenings and children's portraits throughout his social circle.


He was quickly scouted by Queen, and later landed a contract with American Vogue. Lichfield's assignment of taking Princess of Anne-Marie of Denmark's portrait led to many other royal sittings including Princess Margaret in 1968, and photographs of The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's 25th wedding anniversary. In 1981, he was asked to take official photographs of the royal wedding between Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. 

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