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Christophe Claret

French  •  b. 1987 Renaud Papi Claret, 1991 renamed Christophe Claret


For nearly 30 years Christophe Claret has been associated with high-grade complicated Swiss watch movements and cutting edge innovative designs. He is the artist behind the movements of some of Switzerland's most distinguished manufacturers. Partnering with Ulysse Nardin, Claret created the caliber CLA88 minute repeater for their San Marco jacquemart line. He was instrumental in the production of the caliber CHW97 Tourbillon Glissière, with its oscillating weight slide winding system, for Harry Winston. A member of an exclusive group of independent watch manufacturers, Claret impacts haute horlogerie with its three-dimensional works and innovative designs.


  • The DualTow model, introduced in 2009, celebrates Claret's 20th Anniversary.

  • 2014 debuted the Poker model, which functions as a timepiece and allows the wearer to play Texas Hold’em.

  • A Claret Blackjack 21 striking watch, with miniature games of blackjack, dice and roulette, achieved 725,000 HKD during the 31 May 2016 Phillips Hong Kong Watch Auction: TWO sale.

"A master of complications housed in three dimensional designs"

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