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Ingrid Donat

Swedish  •  b. 1957


Swedish-born Ingrid Donat has lived and worked in Paris since 1975, when she moved there to study sculpture at the École des Beaux-Arts. Encounters with Sylva Bernt (the companion of André Arbus) and Diego Giacometti introduced her to the art of cast bronze furniture. Working in this most ancient of artistic media, and drawing inspiration from Art Deco design, Gustav Klimt patterning and tribal tattoos, Donat blends traditional sources to craft refreshingly original and evocative furniture that invites closer inspection.


  • Phillips achieved the world auction record for a work by Donat when her "Bibliothèque Quatre Saisons" sold for £117,700 ($171,674) in the 28 April 2016 Time for Design Auction in London.

"When you come into a room, I don't want my furniture flashing in your eye. I want it to be discreet. When you come closer, you can see the details."

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