Which Type Are You? 4 Ways to Shop Our INTERSECT Sale

Which Type Are You? 4 Ways to Shop Our INTERSECT Sale

A curated guide to our online sale, run out of Hong Kong, featuring contemporary art, jewels and watches.

A curated guide to our online sale, run out of Hong Kong, featuring contemporary art, jewels and watches.

INTERSECT runs through Sept. 23.


Are you a free-spirited kid at heart or a minimalist looking to declutter? From playful pieces to elegant designs, there’s something for everyone in INTERSECT, our cross-category online sale of contemporary art, jewels and watches, which runs until Sept. 23. Here are four ways to shop the sale.



Clockwise from left: Gérald Genta Ref. G3632, Retro ‘Mickey Mouse’; Matt Gondek, Peanuts Pop; A Multi-Gem and Diamond ‘Apple’ Ring

For the Kid at Heart

Playful, exuberant and free-spirited


Lot 26: A Multi-Gem and Diamond ‘Apple’ Ring (Estimate: HK$30,000-50,000)

This charming ring is a cornucopia of gems. The apple is made with 228 circular-cut rubies and 46 circular-cut tsavorites. The ladybug sitting on top consists of a round icy jadeite cabochon, 122 brilliant-cut diamonds and six circular-cut black diamonds.


Lot 36: Matt Gondek, Peanuts Pop (Estimate: HK$80,000-100,000)

Matt Gondek, a self-described “deconstructive pop artist,” is known for his explosive reinterpretations of classic childhood icons. From a melting Mickey Mouse to disintegrating Spongebob, the characters are reimagined as discombobulated figures, often with their innards exposed. “I think people just like to see things destroyed,” the Los Angeles-based artist once said. Gondek’s sometimes controversial murals have appeared on the streets of Australia, Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong.


Lot 76: Gérald Genta Ref. G3632, Retro ‘Mickey Mouse’ (Estimate: HK$20,000-40,000)

In the 1980s, Gérald Genta won the rights to produce timepieces to celebrate Walt Disney and characters from the Mickey Mouse series. Since then, these rare timepieces have been produced with various dial designs and case materials. The present Retro “Mickey Mouse” is an instant classic, with the whimsical mouse swinging a golf club to articulate the minutes.

Clockwise from left: Patek Philippe Ref. 5711/1A-010; A Diamond Ring; Chiharu Shiota, State of Being (Books)

For the Minimalist

Simple, elegant designs for the Marie Kondo in your life


Lot 1: Patek Philippe Ref. 5711/1A-010 (Estimate: HK$310,000-620,000)

The Nautilus is undoubtedly one of the most iconic watch references that Patek Philippe has ever produced. With a design inspired by the robust proportions of maritime portholes, the very first reference, 3700/1, embodied every aspect of the Geneva-based firm’s design philosophy: bold yet elegant curves, contrasting finishes on the case and delicate grooves on the dial. The present Ref. 5711 is a modern update that retains the classic sporty look of the original Ref. 3700 Jumbo Nautilus.


Lot 28: Chiharu Shiota, State of Being (Books) (Estimate: HK$250,000-350,000)

In Chiharu Shiota’s State of Being sculptures, the Japanese artist suspends everyday objects in a dream-like state, freezing their movements in a web of yarn. To Shiota, these everyday objects act as an antithesis of time, holding the memories and presence of their previous owners. While most of her earlier works predominantly utilize black threads — symbolizing the infinite universe beyond — and red threads — representing blood lines and connections between individuals — the current work employs white threads, which epitomize the idea of purity.


Lot 57: A Diamond Ring (Estimate: HK$570,000-650,000)

This elegant 3.16-carat diamond ring is the perfect complement to a subtle evening outfit. The emerald-cut diamond contains flawless clarity and has an excellent polish and symmetry.

Clockwise from left: Rolex Ref. 16610LV, Submariner ‘Kermit’; Pablo Picasso, Bird Bowl; A Pair of Gem-Set and Diamond ‘Grape’ Earring

For the Nature Lover

Pieces that invoke the great outdoors


Lot 25: A Pair of Gem-Set and Diamond ‘Grape’ Earrings (Estimate: HK$40,000-60,000)

This delightful pair of grape-shaped earrings invokes images of the vineyards of sunny California. The purple earring is made with 36 briolette-cut purple sapphires, 42 circular-cut tsavorites and three circular-cut yellow sapphires, while the green grape consists of 36 briolette-cut green sapphires, 51 circular-cut pink sapphires and 41 brilliant-cut diamonds. Both are detachable earring pendants.


Lot 40: Rolex Ref. 16610LV, Submariner ‘Kermit’ (Estimate: HK$62,000-115,000)

Rolex’s Submariner has become a gold standard for diving watches since its introduction in the 1950s. In 2003, Rolex launched the Ref. 16610LV to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the firm’s coveted watch. Aptly nicknamed “Kermit” after the famous Muppet, this Ref. 16610LV model comes with a green bezel set against the Submariner’s signature black dial.


Lot 71: Pablo Picasso, Bird Bowl (Estimate: HK$20,000-40,000)

One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso was a master of endless reinvention. In his practice, he drew on African and Iberian visual culture as well as developments in the fast-changing world around him. Throughout his long and prolific career, Picasso worked in a wide variety of styles and mediums, including printmaking, sculpture and ceramics.

Clockwise from left: Graff, A Diamond and Sapphire ‘Diamond on Diamond’ Pendant Necklace; Eddie Martinez, Untitled; Rolex Ref. 16710, GMT-Master II ‘Coke’

For the Trendsetter

An eye for fashion that’s bold yet polished


Lot 37: Eddie Martinez, Untitled (Estimate: HK$180,000-220,000)

American artist Eddie Martinez is known for his monumental expressionist paintings influenced as much by street art as by canonical art history. Like artistic icon Jean-Michel Basquiat, to whom he is often compared, Martinez effortlessly fuses painting, drawing, abstraction, figuration, historical references and modern media in original and electrifying ways.


Lot 48: Graff, A Diamond and Sapphire ‘Diamond on Diamond’ Pendant Necklace (Estimate: HK$100,000-150,000)

Graff’s craftsmanship and penchant for bold designs show in this “diamond on diamond” pendant necklace. The 128 brilliant-cut diamonds and 163 circular-cut sapphires have been intricately laid in a magnificent swirl to instantly captivate the eye, making these piece an easy candidate for the bold trendsetter.


Lot 62: Rolex Ref. 16710, GMT-Master II ‘Coke’ (Estimate: HK$38,000-78,000)

In production from 1989 to 2007, the Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 16710 was released with three different types of bezel inserts: red/blue (Pepsi), red/black (Coke) and black. The present GMT-Master II Ref. 16710 features a Coke bezel insert from circa 1995 with a W serial and a Swiss-T<25 dial indicating its luminous material as tritium.


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