Moussaieff A Platinum ring set with a 3ct Fancy Intense Blue and a 1.21ct Fancy Intense Pink diamond.


In the next of our series of conversations, Vivienne Becker talks to Alisa Moussaieff, head of the renowned family-owned gem and jewelry business, Moussaieff Jewellers, with boutiques in London, Geneva, Hong Kong and Courchevel. Mrs. Moussaieff occupies a very special place at the center of our world of gems and jewels. She is revered for her extraordinary knowledge, for her "eye," her courage in navigating the market, and admired as the matriarch of today’s global diamond industry. Yet, she remains very much in the background, never seeking personal publicity, focusing instead on searching out the finest diamonds, colored diamonds, colored stones and natural pearls in the world and turning them into high-spirited, audacious high jewelry creations. Here, Vivienne traces Moussaieff's origins, some 800 years ago, to Bukhara, the city of gem merchants and artisans on the legendary Silk Road, and asks Mrs. Moussaieff about her and her late husband’s specialty of colored diamonds and how the current crisis is influencing her design aesthetic.


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