Nan Goldin, Kim and Mark in the Red Car, Newton, MA, 1978

Elizabeth van Bergen, Social Media Manager

Ryan McGinleyBlue Sky Balance (Ascending), 2008-2009

An ode to Jasper + Donna:

Like Benson and Stabler you came into my life to help me fight crime (i.e. anxiety) and keep strangers away.

From three legs to one mean sausage bod

You are two delightfully weird peas in a pod.

My forever Valentines.


Cary Leibowitz, Worldwide Co-Head of Editions

Christian HolstadBig Drag, 2004

Run on sentences for my Valentine:

I remember when I was not as old as I am now and I thought all these straight couples that never got married were so cool

But now they are married because of health insurance requirements and we are married because we wanted to get married

And people were really genuinely happy for us

All a strange pill but yes it was nice and memorable

Dear Valentine—I could get you something small and sappy and edible but you do expect more of me don’t you

(What if) I brought/bought/sought/caught you this big wooley ugly pretty, really pretty big “sculpture” (Sculpture as we say on Park Avenue)

Would u hate me or love me more

The never should be forgotten singer chanteuse Frances Faye wisely said If your pretty it doesn’t matter how you wear your hair

Dear Valentine --Shouldn’t we burdening ourselves with things like these—they need to go somewhere and we need burdens besides the politics of the day

I knew a woman who’s mother kept a full sized santa claus year round in the house and I had a friend in college who had a mother who was a tour guide at a historical house and she didn’t take off her hoop skirt costume when she came home and cooked dinner

Oh dear valentine

don’t we want to be remembered for this sort of stuff too-pretty pretty pretty please


Tommy Kim, Senior Front End Developer

Petra CortrightReal Video Sex Kitty, 2013

From summer love to Cuffing Season bliss, my love for you falls similarly as Petra’s brushstrokes: Unbound.

The day I first gazed eyes upon you with the heavenly skies as a backdrop of your endless beauty will forever be encapsulated by the blues of Sex Kitty.

Thank you….so much….for reigning in my chaos to produce such warm and colorful affection


Jaime Israni, Public Relations Manager

Richard HughesToo Long at the Fair, 2008

Since the beginning,

‘Til I am weathered and spent,

‘Til I fall apart.