Boundless Exploration

Boundless Exploration

Pushing boundaries, crossing categories, and breaking the mold — introducing FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

Pushing boundaries, crossing categories, and breaking the mold — introducing FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

Pierre ChapoSideboard, model no. R28, circa 1985. Raoul De KeyserStock Américain, 1966. Axel SaltoVase in the "Sprouting" style, model no. 20817 and model no. 20817. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

Many contemporary collectors no longer consider art and design as siloed collecting categories. Instead, these disciplines overlap and offer opportunities to forge exciting connections that transcend time, geography, and styles. The act of collecting is about nurturing a dialogue between works of art, objects, and interior spaces, and making these connections requires bold creativity and curiosity, a sense of experimentation, and a unique perspective. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design embodies this idea.

This sale celebrates the vision of a New York-based collector and, perhaps more importantly, encourages fresh connections to be made between the art and design on offer. The collection simultaneously champions several of the most coveted designers from the postwar period, brings attention to previously underrecognized makers, and showcases some of the most promising contemporary artists and designers working today. These varied strands within the collection complement each other in exciting ways that we hope you will explore online and in our galleries.



FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design is on view at 432 Park Avenue from 30 May through the auction on 5 June.


Blurring the Lines: Art & Design

Left: Works by Axel Salto. Right: Mose Tolliver, Antique Chair with a Lamp in Front, late 1980s. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

Exceptional ceramics from the 1940s by Axel Salto atop a sideboard by Pierre Chapo from the mid-1980s, which stands next to a monumental artwork by Rick Lowe from 2022. Such juxtapositions are inspiring for the ways that they reach across time, space, and artistic discipline. Further demonstrating this breadth, the collection also features historically overlooked artists and designers including Frank Walter, Mose Tolliver, Dominique Zimbacca, and Juliette Derel, all of whose work finds exciting new dimensions when viewed alongside works by contemporary artists Felipe Baeza, Will Gabaldón, and Louis Fratino and designers Minjae Kim and Giancarlo Valle.

Left: Dominique Zimbacca, Side chair, 1950s. Right: Seth Becker, Coconut Crab, 2022. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

Similarly, the sale also presents furniture by coveted French postwar designers including Le Corbusier, Jean Prouvé, and Charlotte Perriand and artworks by Sol Lewitt, prints by Alice Neel, and a beautiful nightscape by Lois Dodd. The diverse lineup of the sale also includes works by women artists such as Katherine Bradford, Arlene Schechet, and Chantal Joffe, as well as Brazilian furniture by designers such as Lina Bo Bardi, José Zanine Caldas, and Hugo França.

Left: Arlene Shechet, Drawing Fire: Show Me Moons, 2021. Right: Minjae Kim, Pair of unique table lamps, 2022. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

With such a robust selection on offer, this blending of artistic disciplines is sure to spark collectors' imaginations. Our pre-sale exhibition offers a space to envision the remarkable dialogues that emerge when these distinct elements converge.


No Rules, Only Vision: Artists on Creative Liberty

Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé

Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé, Prototype "Brazza" cabinet, from the apartment of Charlotte Perriand, rue Las-Cases, Paris, 1950–1951. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

Art is in everything. It is in a gesture, a vase, a cooking pan, a glass, a sculpture, a piece of jewelry, a way of carrying yourself.

—Charlotte Perriand

Rick Lowe

Rick Lowe, Untitled #010722, 2022. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

Most of my work is untitled. I don’t really work with titles because I don’t necessarily have specific things that I’m trying to illustrate other than my fascination with this notion of patterns and color and how it speaks to us.

—Rick Lowe

Lois Dodd

Lois Dodd, Broad Cove on a Cloudy Day, 2014. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

…people always read things into your work, which you can never see. That’s fine, that’s great. For me it was just exciting to look at and try to do something with it.

—Lois Dodd

Katherine Bradford, Six Swimmer Ocean Swim, 2022. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

I don’t do sketches or work from photographs or drawings. It’s improvisational.

—Katherine Bradford

Giancarlo Valle, Pair of "Puff" armchairs, 2021. FREESTYLE: Living with Art & Design.

I love that there are no starting points to my work: with my past in architecture, I have to feel comfortable at all scales of creation. I like the idea of creating an entire room around a particular table or a chair, for example, but also arranging a space with a specific mood and then finding fantastic furnishings to complete it.

—Giancarlo Valle


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