Gifts To Cherish Forever

Gifts To Cherish Forever

Ideas for everyone on your list.

Ideas for everyone on your list.

BulgariDiamond Ring, 'Serpenti Viper.' New York Jewels: Online Auction.

Consider the objects that you cherish most. Among them are sure to be a few meaningful pieces that you worked tirelessly for, saving for months to acquire something extraordinary to mark an unforgettable moment. Some of your favorites may have even been gifts that continue to remind you of the person who gave them to you.

To help guide you along the path of generosity this season, we’re compiling lighthearted archetypes of personalities alongside gifts that match them, whether for you or someone you hold dear. Get your (digital) paddle ready, as all are on offer in our New York Jewels: Online Auction, open now through 29 November.


For the Maximalist

VerduraTopaz and Gem-set Maltese Cross Pendant BroochNew York Jewels: Online Auction.

They simply can’t have enough. In defiance of the age-old adage, less is certainly not more for this friend. This aspect of their personality shines through their accessories, of which there are likely many. The best option for them is a timeless Verdura Maltese Cross. The bright colors, yellow gold, variously shaped gemstones, and imaginative design will match their love for all things extra.




For the Friend Who’s Always Late

VerduraGold Beehive Watch Charm BraceletNew York Jewels: Online Auction.

You know the one. They only get by because when they finally do show up, they’re so impeccably elegant and put together that we can’t help but forgive their tardiness. Seeming to never wear any single item twice, we assume that their closets and jewel boxes are as ludicrously capacious as their bags. The trick here, of course, is to gift them a statement timepiece, even though we know they’ll never set it. The real joy for them will be adding another item to their favorite ritual — trying on everything they own before they leave. We can’t blame them since this ceremony is likely more fun than the party they’re late for.




For the Nature Lover

Verdura, Pair of Quartz and Nephrite Jade EarclipsNew York Jewels: Online Auction.

When they’re not out hiking a trail and chronicling the butterflies they see, they’re likely at home on a yoga mat transcending their earthly existence. We all cherish this friend, as their presence helps us zoom out from our busy days and brings us in-tune with life both big and small. This friend needs for little, but there’s nothing like a talisman that reminds them of their gentle companions that roam the earth. We’d suggest perusing jewels that take the form of ladybugs, a shell or two, a frog, or this pair of unexpected friends.




For the Welcoming Friend

Verdura, Pair of Diamond Earclips. New York Jewels: Online Auction.

When you visit their home, you don’t want to leave. Their table setting always looks like a still life painting and you’ve never met such a gracious host. This friend has given you so many fond memories filled with laughter, food, and wine, that they deserve something truly exceptional. And what better gift for this friend than earrings taking the form of pineapples? After all, there’s a reason the fruit is known as a symbol of hospitality and we’re hard pressed to imagine anyone more hospitable.

But what’s better than pineapple, we asked? Diamonds of course. And the masterful skill of the House of Verdura.




For the Astrologer

VerduraDiamond Leo Zodiac Sign Pendent NecklaceNew York Jewels: Online Auction.

With a full moon in Gemini on the horizon, this friend will already be preparing their rituals and manifestations to release any limiting beliefs before the year comes to a close. Gift the strong, confident energy of Leo this holiday season so your zodiac-minded bestie’s stars align and shine through the festive weeks.


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