Never Above 14th Street | The Playlist

Never Above 14th Street | The Playlist

Downtown Music.

Downtown Music.

Seen UA, Untitled, 1985. Never Above 14th Street.

This place is the pulse.

Howling dogs never sleep

In this city — downtown — where thoughts brawl on the bar

…where ’96 remembers the future and ’83 forgets the past.

Hold the rhythm of this alleyway and a buzzing neon avenue.

This place where spray paint shouts from the puddle of splattered oil, while acrylic yellow cabs pour dreams of color on broken glass.

This place has no end in sight.

For the lost

For the stars

For the runaways, for the alchemists, the zeroes and the street-corner heroes

If this isn’t the place, are you even a freak?


Exhibition /
Never Above 14th Street — A downtown NYC art show

On View 8 March – 24 March
432 Park Avenue, New York, 10022 (map)

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